Fundraising Toolkit

We’re creating a free legislation tracking fundraising toolkit for non-profits and advocacy groups. It consists of graphics and case studies you can use in fundraising to use our legislative scorecard to help your followers track and share legislation.

Web and Social Graphics

We have high and low resolution versions of the graphics below for use on social media, websites, and on fundraising platforms.

Legislation tracking fundraising

Case Study

We can also provide both a web hosted and PDF version of one of our top scorecard case studies for you to distribute, which proves our scorecard:

  • is checked by legislators before floor votes
  • has caused legislators to reach out to the organization
  • reduces time spent getting scores to the public

Slide Deck

You’re welcome to use our digital slide deck too. It’s located at

The Fine Print

This is a friendly legal reminder that these graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.

Please do

Use them in fundraising campaigns for our scorecard.

Let us know if there is something else that we could provide to help you fundraise.

Please don’t

  • Alter these files in any way.
  • Combine these graphics with any other graphics without written consent from us.
  • Display these graphics in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by us of your product, service, or business.
  • Use these graphics as part of your own product, business, or service’s name.
  • Use these graphics to fundraise for anything but our scorecard software.

Get Started

Contact us at to get the full free legislation tracking fundraising toolkit!