legislative scorecard, refers to any ranked balanced scorecard used by advocacy groups to rank legislators or candidates for legislative office by their voting record. It can also be used to refer to ranked indexes of introduced or ratified legislation on criteria determined by the advocacy group. Scores are often shown as a percentage, total points, or letter grades.

We built the Legislative Scorecard plugin to help organizations bring transparency into politics. We want to help people keep track of which legislators are working for or against their interests. We find the BillTrack50 platform to be impressive tool for this and want to help organizations utilize it in a way that’s most meaningful for them.

Who We Are

We are Revive Design Studios, a team of web designers and developers based in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2011, we primarily work with medium to large-sized ecommerce companies and non-profits across the United States. You’re welcome to read more about the founders and what we do on our company website.

We’ve worked with BillTrack50, on various projects for the past few years, including their website and application redesign, so we are very familiar with their platform.

Why We Built The Legislative Scorecard

BillTrack50 has an awesome legislative scorecard feature that allows organizations to score bills going through the legislative process. You are able to embed the BillTrack50 scorecard into your website without our plugin, however organizations have been asking for an integration that appeared more seamless on their websites.

We love a good challenge. So, instead of building it again and again, we decided it was best to built it in a more portable and cost-effective way. Our goals with the scorecard are to built it in a manner that is easy-to-setup for organizations and easy-to-understand for it’s users.

The Bill Track 50 Legislative Scorecard

The BillTrack50 Legislative Scorecard

Image source and Legislative Scorecard details can be found on BillTrack50’s Legislator Scorecard blog post.

How The Plugin Works

for Organizations

Our plugin connects to BillTrack50, pulls in your scorecard info (bills, scores, comments, and legislators), and displays this on your website. We auto-populate everything, including official legislator headshots, to make this as seamless as possible. Your typical workflow would be:

  1. You use BillTrack50’s scorecard tool to choose a set of bills and score them. You’d define your own scoring system and use it to score each bill.
  2. BillTrack50 takes care of totaling your scores for each scorecard, tracks how legislators are voting, and scores them based on your scores for each bill.
  3. You’d install our plugin, which connects to the BillTrack50 scorecard of your choice and pulls in that data.
  4. Your scorecard data is then displayed on your website, just like you see in our legislative scorecard demo.
  5. Whenever you update your BillTrack50 scorecard, our plugin takes care of pulling in that updated data into your website.

for Your Visitors

We’ve tried to make the scorecard intuitive and meaningful for users at a glance. A typical user who wants to take action may:

  1. Visit your scorecard on your website to follow up with the latest bills and legislator votes.
  2. Use the Find Your Legislator feature to search for the legislators that represent them.
  3. Visit those legislator’s pages to find latest voting metrics, your organizations scores, and the legislator’s contact info.
  4. Contact the legislator to voice their opinion on a bill using the contact information provided on your website’s scorecard.

Questions or Requests

If you have questions about this plugin, want to request new features, or are interested in getting a BillTrack50 account, contact us at support@legislativescorecard.com and we will help you!