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For years, we have worked to design, build and test our fully-featured scorecard service with one goal - making it easy to setup a legislative scorecard.

Additionally, we are proud to say our scorecards drive meaningful engagement; making them extremely valuable to organizations who are trying to make a difference. Learn why even former representatives us our software!

Landing Page Features

Our landing page is thoughtfully designed to make it straightforward for constituents to compare legislators, parties, and find out who represents them. Each landing page is customizable and allows us to include branding and messaging specific to your organization.

  • Search for Your Representative by Address
  • Vote Index, Total Score or Letter Graded Scoring
  • Official Legislator Headshots, Updated Annually
  • Sort and Filtering by Party, Chamber, Name and Score
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Legislator Page Features

Legislator pages contain up-to-date contact information, headshots, and legislator scores. Since we pull in new voting information and bill changes every 30 minutes, this is the fastest way to get new information to the public. Legislator pages are repeatedly visted by constituents looking for the latest changes. Legislators also value their good scores, so these pages are often shared by legislators to their social media accounts and in press releases.

  • Votes Updated Every 30 Minutes
  • Custom Bill Comments
  • Legislator Contact Info, Updated Annually
  • Auto-Calculated Session and Lifetime Scoring
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Contact us to setup a Congressional or State Legislative Scorecard for your organization.

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