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We make web-based legislative scorecards easy for national and state advocacy organizations.

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What We Do

Our best-in-class scorecards make legislation transparent and legislator voting records easy to understand for the general public. We believe the web is the fastest way to deliver legislation information, so we publish your scorecard directly to your website. There’s no need to create scorecard PDFs anymore, unless you want to.

Additionally, we take out the tedious work that comes with setting up a scorecard and replace it with as much automation as possible. Cropping legislator headshots, calculating and re-calculating scores, legislation changes, legislator contact info changes - we take care of all of that.

Our Features


Search for representatives by address or zip code


Calculating Total Score, Vote Index or Letter Grade scoring


Syncing new legislation and legislator changes every 30 minutes


Updating official legislator headshots


Maintaining a mobile-friendly experience

Our Features

Our Clientele

We work with the following advocacy and value-based organizations:

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The scores matter a lot, but it’s more than that. It’s been an interesting evolution over the past few years, making the scorecard not only credible, but actionable. Days before a bill is voted on, lawmakers, lobbyists and stakeholders will access the scorecard to see our bill rating, and the scorecard has an impact on all of them.

Dustin Hurst
Communications Director
Idaho Freedom Foundation

Contact us to setup a Congressional or State Legislative Scorecard for your organization.

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