Viante New Mexico

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Viante has gained an impressive amount of traction and visibility in New Mexico. Within a few months of launch, they were featured in this news segment.

Viante is a non-partisan organization focused on improving education, quality of life, and crime in New Mexico.

It’s Executive Director, Rhiannon Samuel, runs the organization based in Albuquerque, NM. From listening to Rhiannon, it’s obvious she is very connected to the state and wants everyone, no matter their political stance, to get together to improve the state.

Since it’s formation in 2018, Viante has had a steady and growing paid membership base who want to keep up-to-date on the latest in New Mexico political news and view the legislative scorecard.

The Problem

Viante needed an easy, automated way to track legislation since they only have a 30 day legislative session. Additionally, they wanted to use that information to inform voters so they needed something that was accurate and transparent.

The Solution

Karen, Founder of BillTrack50, introduced her to our visual, mobile-friendly, and interactive scorecard.

The Scorecard Process

  1. BillTrack50 provides Viante with daily information about new legislation through email alerts and on their online platform.
  2. Viante identifies 15 bills each session that fall into their area of interest. They set a rating for each bill, which they enter into the BillTrack50 scorecard.
  3. BillTrack50 compiles all the votes for the bills that have been rated and calculates a total score for each legislator.
  4. BillTrack50 automatically incorporates new votes into the legislator scores.
  5. The scorecard automatically syncs from BillTrack50 to pull in legislator votes.

This process ensures we’re always keeping Viante’s website up-to-date with the latest voting information. The goal of our syncing process is to get the scores to the public much faster than manual scoring.

Their Scorecard

Viante’s scorecard is behind a paywall, but you can view a summary of their results and how they do their scoring on their website.

The Results

Viante has gained an impressive amount of traction and visibility in New Mexico.

Paid Memberships Increased 2.5x

Between 2018 and 2019, after they restricted scorecard access to members-only, their paid membership base increased by 2.5x.

Legislators Respond

Legislators are paying attention to their scores. After we added the legislator attendance feature into legislator profiles, legislators have been reaching out to justify or improve their attendance. Once example is in this KOAT Channel 7 New Mexico News story.

Increased Publicity

In 2018 and 2019, the scorecard has been featured in New Mexico news in TV, radio, and podcasts.

2019 – Rhiannon, the Executive Director was brought on as a Political Expert for KOAT news – Watch
2019 – KSFR 101.1FM Sante Fe Public Radio –
2018 – KRQE News 13Watch
2018 – Focused on Biz iHeartRadio podcast Listen